Because of our people and approach to your success.  At Florida Education Institute, it is all about your success!  We pride ourselves in the success of our students.  It’s our motivation, our priority.  And we don’t just say it.   Ask our students and graduates, we live it each day.

We strive to provide quality career education that focuses on your success.   Our staff and faculty are committed to bringing out the best in you.  What makes us different is the personal attention our staff and faculty give you every step of the way.  We will work together on success habits.  Our people will get to know you personally and we will know why and how you want to succeed.  We get to know your lives and those in your family who you live for.

So training at Florida Education Institute includes not just emphasis on learning  the skills you need, but on the relationships and success habits that will bring out the best in you.  That is exciting!  This type of learning environment is the best for student success to flourish.   Here are just some of the things that set us apart:

  • A unique and caring learning environment where you are important
  • Experienced instructors who will inspire you
  • A staff whose goal is your success
  • Hands-on/Learn by doing instruction
  • Employer focused curriculum
  • One-course at a time
  • Focus on success habits

Career education fast focused

Florida Education Institute’s programs are designed to be fast, career-focused, and hands-on.  Our career education programs go one course at a time and takes just months to complete.   Our programs are focused only on the skills you need to learn so you can start your new career.  This way you can start earning and enjoying a better future fast.

Learn by doing

When we say hands-on we mean you learn-by-doing.  The programs at Florida Education Institute take less than a year to complete. Our education is student-centered and employer driven. This means that from the first day of class, you will be getting ready for the first job that may open the door to career opportunities. After graduation, you may take your new career and keep growing professionally.