Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Baking


We’re A Baking Program With International Flavor!

Located in the heart of Miami, Florida Education Institute (or FEI) has the premier Pastry and Baking Arts program in all of Florida. FEI offers students a unique program that not only touches the international pastry training and baking fundamentals of countries such as France, Italy, and contemporary American variations, but our program does it with a Latin Twist. Our program embraces and is influenced by Latin American and Cuban pastry and baking. The Latin influence on the culinary scene in the U.S. has grown significantly in the past few years. From cooking shows to the incorporation of ingredients and dishes on American menus, Latin cuisine and latin chefs are gaining national recognition and presence.

If you’re considering going to FEI to get started in a new career within the Pastry & Baking Arts field in Miami Florida, you may think you know what baking is already. But the reality is, there are a lot of things about Baking many people probably never knew! Here are a few:

Refrigerating baked goods makes them go stale faster

We know, it was weird to us when we first found out about this too. But it’s the sugar and fat in baked goods that help to keep baked goods from getting hard. Chilling them however, actually causes the opposite effect. Oddly enough,leaving baked goods out in the open will keep them fresher much longer. So next time you buy a cake or a pie, don’t put it in the refrigerator! Leave it out on the counter. Unless it’s an ice cream cake of course. In which case, you should probably just finish it right then and there.

Chocolate chip cookies were a mistake

You didn’t read that wrong at all. While they may have been a very lucky mistake, chocolate chip cookies were indeed invented by mistake! They were actually a failed attempt by a baker to make 100% pure chocolate cookies by adding chopped pieces of chocolate. The baker always assumed they would melt afterwards. That didn’t quite work however, and the cookies would up looking partially dotted or covered in chocolate instead. That was how the first chocolate chip cookie came to be. That being said, chocolate chips themselves weren’t invented until after that baking mishap took place and they became immensely popular.

Apparently, Betty Crocker Never Existed

If you ever try to find Betty Crocker in a history book. You may find some information about the product but not the person. Why is that? Because she never actually existed! The following was gathered from PBS: “Betty Crocker isn’t actually a real person. She is the brainchild of an advertising campaign developed by the Washburn-Crosby Company, a flour milling company started in the late 1800’s that eventually became General Mills.”

Baking Is All About “Good Chemistry”

Many people don’t realize that baking is more than just mixing and heating up the ingredients. Everything from pies to cakes, and muffins or cookies involve very complicated chemical reactions. Dispatch actually shared an article that explained it like this:

“Flour gives a baked good its structure, while baking powder or soda give it airiness. Eggs are like the binding glue, oil and butter tenderize, sugar sweetens, and water gives moisture. When the dry and wet ingredients are combined, gluten is created by proteins from the flour bonding, while the baking powder or soda releases carbon dioxide, which makes the whole thing expand. After that, each ingredient competes to get water for itself, which is why putting them in the right order is important. Putting the ingredients in the oven is when the reactions get started. The starch in the dish creates a webbed structure that traps water and keeps a dish moist. That carbon dioxide makes the whole thing expand through bubbles that the gluten keeps in place. That’s why baking is more precise than other kinds of cooking. Even a slight difference in ingredients or methods makes that chemistry happen differently.”

Is A Baking Career Right For You?

Do you love sweets? Do you love cakes? Do you love baking? Do you love to serve others? Do you love to be the presenter of your creation and be the one that puts it all together? Passion and desire are big things in this career. If so, consider the career of Pastry and Baking Arts at FEI in Miami, Florida. Have you ever thought of a culinary or pastry arts career?

Do you see yourself happy with the experience of people enjoying your creative food or pastry creations? Then now is the time to start your new career. In just months you can graduate from the Pastry and Baking Arts program and begin your exciting new career in the dynamic hospitality field of pastry and baking arts.