Personal Attention and Career Education

We believe in giving a lot of attention to students, this may sound obvious, but it really is not. For this reason, we feel giving personal attention to students makes all the difference and it really requires our serious commitment.

That is why we are always looking for ways to make education work for our students by asking questions like…  How do our students best learn?  What is making our students better? How can we make our students successful?

We know that our strongest assets are the people that work at Florida Education Institute and make it what it is.  We ask each and every faculty and staff member to care deeply about each student.  We ask our people to study how they serve and educate the student.  We ask our people to remember the sacrifices that our students make.  We ask our people not to take their jobs for granted and make it just a job.  We ask our people to find out why a student is coming to school.  The answer invariably surprises and motivates us.

Adult students usually come to career education for very unselfish reasons: It could be their children, their families or just the desire to feel important and good about themselves.  So we know that adult career education is very important.   We like to take the approach that the lives of each student hangs in the balance — and from past experience we know this to be true.  So, what job offers the opportunity to impact lives in a positive way every day?  Very few do like adult career education does.  Our people love it.

Our favorite and most guiding motto is:

“The secret to education is respecting the pupil.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is why we are (and must alway be) about given attentive and personal attention to each of our students.  For each student to get to know us personally.  For each student to know that they are not alone.  For each student to know that they can make it, that success is within reach.

Personal attention is what everyone at our school is asked to give our students everyday,  education works best when students are encouraged and inspired to do their best.  We, as an educational institution, have that tremendous responsibility,  get the best out of our students.  We always want to take this responsibility personally and very seriously.