The FEI advantage

The FEI Advantage is the individualized attention and support we give your goals. FEI’s career-focused education is about you. At FEI, our we will support you during your journey to success. Our faculty and staff are trained to make all the difference.

Success habits

We teach the 10 “Success Habits” to every student. At FEI, we talk “Success Habits” every day in the classroom, labs, and even in the hallways. These habits combined with your new technical skills can propel you to real, life-long success.

At FEI, you’ll never be a number

At FEI, individual attention is key for student success. We will know you by name and your personal success goals. You will never be a number at FEI. We ask our faculty and staff to work together so we can have a real positive impact on you and your goals.

A unique program for Business People

If you are interested in starting a business, improving your existing business, or obtain a position as a manager or supervisor, the Business Management program may be right for you.This program looks into the important factors that make businesses successful today, from human resources and employee management to technological changes are impacting your business. Here are some of the skills this program covers:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Principles of today’s business
  • The new economy
  • Managing people
  • Leadership
  • Setting goals and strategies
  • The importance of culture in a business
  • Legal perspective
  • Regulations and government
  • Marketing and sales
  • Financial markets
  • Technology and its speed
  • Communication today
  • Management styles and methods
  • Accounting
  • The community we serve

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