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Become an employer partner

We strive to develop relationships with many quality Employers Partners so our graduates can benefit. We are constantly looking for good employers to work with our school and willing to give opportunities to our graduates. We ask employers to contact our Career Services at 305-444-1515 and inquire as to how we can make it easy for them to hire our graduates.

If you are an employer with staffing needs, become an FEI Employer Partner. It saves you money and time…and free! What do we want in return? Simple, give our graduates great employment and career opportunities. We are a school very interested in matching our graduates with great employers and career opportunities.

employer partner

We are not an agency. We do not ever charge employers or graduates fees for our placement services. Become an Employer Partner and let us help you with your hiring needs – at no cost to you!

We understand the “cost per hire” (i.e, time, money, productivity, growth, etc.) employers pay and how much they want to avoid it. That is why our Career Services staff works for Employers at no cost! The benefit: our graduates have access to great employment opportunities.

It’s all about graduate success

Our Employer Partners simply commit to working with Florida Education Institute’s Career Services Office in providing employment opportunities to our graduates. Florida Education Institute’s primary interest is that its graduates find employment and great opportunities related to their field of study with quality employers. In return, Florida Education Institute make sure Employer Partners receive well trained, quality employees that can contribute to their success.

These are some of the Employer Partner Benefits:

  • Quality graduate candidates
  • Your staff spends less time interviewing
  • Your staff
  • Immediate graduate placement
  • We do the interviewing
  • You don’t have to go through mountain of resumes
  • Your staff does spend time searching for good candidates
  • No need to spend on advertising openings
  • You do not have to spend money advertising for openings
  • Your staff spends less time going through the mountain of resumes

Employer partner benefits

Our Employer Partners join us in our commitment in providing our students the best career education possible. That is a joint venture that we want to assure is successful. Therefore, we thank our Employer Partners for helping our graduates have meaningful careers by helping them with their business needs. We do a lot of things for Employer Partners to save them time and money with their Human Resources needs.

Full-Time, Part-Time and temporary employees

Whether you need a full-time or temporary employees, our team of dedicated Career Services professionals have your staffing needs covered.

Employer Partner program receive the following benefits:

  • Employee (graduate) referral
  • Pre-interviewing
  • Pre-resume review
  • Immediate Temp employment (no agency fee)
  • Legal assistance with HR rules and regulations
  • Job Fairs
  • Assigned Career Services Representative

We work with employers and do a lot for them in ensuring they get employees (our graduates) that will make their businesses stay competitive and growing.

Our Testimonials

Actually i am studying at this school.and to tell truth is the best thing i have done.because this school will change my future and is getting me ready to be a good technician in hvac.r jorge remedios

School is excellent in staff support and my professor for Medical Billing & Coding is very knowledgeable. I am enjoying my learning experience at FEI as a second work trade. Staff are eager to help and support and are always smiling. Patricia Diaz

I'm very happy to finish my goal. The staff and teachers are all very nice! Maria and Mrs. Capetillo are the best! They helped me throughout the whole program. Overall, the atmosphere is nice and everyone is professional. Ana Martinez

Great school! Everyone inspires you and helps you reach your goal. Super neat school and administrators very kind friendly and respectful. The teachers are awesome especially the MA teacher best teacher ever! FEI Is the BEST! (: highly recommend it to anyone that’s willing to succeed in life won’t regret it what so ever. Noemi Portobanco

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