Since 1995 Florida Education Institute (FEI) has been dedicated to student success.  At FEI, we believe that education brings out the best in you.  That is what we strive to accomplish with each student at Florida Education Institute.  The world is full of opportunities. We want our students to see the glass half full – to be optimistic and confident that success is within their reach.

Mission of the School

Our mission is to provide quality career education that is “student-centered” and prepares our students for new career opportunities. We offer students a fun, active, and motivating learning environment. Our curriculum is to be “employer-driven” so we can better assist graduates finding employment.

Positive learning environment

At FEI, our staff and faculty work hard at providing a caring and positive learning environment.  An educational setting where you are not a number.  Personalized attention is what makes us different. We offer our students a learning environment that we know is what our students need to reach their goals.  We are a school made up of people who genuinely care what happens to you and your aspirations.  We want to make sure you don’t feel like you are not alone in your journey to success.  We believe in our students!


We strongly believe in those students who wish to invest and work towards having a better life by way of education.  That is why we are passionate about access to career education.  It is the type of education that can provide you the first step in your path to success.


We recognize that our students are concerned about whether they can afford to go to school.  And we want to work with each student who has a true commitment to his or her future in making sure that affordability is not an obstacle.  We encourage you to speak to our Financial Aid office so that they can help you make school affordable.

Flexible class schedule

At FEI, we know that your journey to find an education that provides you a better life for you and your family starts with fitting school into your busy life.  Our students are busy individuals with family, work and other important responsibilities.  That is why we offer Day and Evening classes with schedules that is convenient for working adults.

Student-Centered, employer driven education

Education at FEI is centered on the hands-on learning of students.  Getting students ready for the real world.  Our curriculum is driven by employers and their needs.  These two factors is at the core of our career education model.

Career Assistance – Right Decisions and success after graduation.

From selecting the right career education program and making sure FEI is the right school for you to your success after graduation, our Admissions and Career Services staff is there to provide you with sincere and caring assistance so that you can make the right decisions and succeed.

Nationally Accredited

Florida Education Institute is nationally accredited by the Council on Occupational Education (COE).  The Council on Occupational Education is listed as a nationally recognized accrediting agency by the United States Department of Education.  The Council is located at:

Council on Occupational Education
7840 Roswell Road
Building 300, Suite 325
Atlanta, GA 30350
Telephone: 770-396-3898